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EYFS have had a very fun filled term!

9 March 2022
EYFS have had a very fun filled term!

In EYFS we had a very fun filled term filled with fabulous learning.

A few things the children in EYFS have experienced in Term 3:

The children loved carrying out an ice experiment where they learnt the best material to use to melt the ice. The children predicted the result first and then carried out the test and found out that salt melts the ice the quickest.

We learnt about Chinese New Year and discussed how people prepare and celebrate this across the world. The children then created and decorated their own Chinese lanterns and discussed why people make lanterns and what they represent.

The children in EYFS had a visit from the local fire station where they learnt about how to stay safe and how we can put our fires.

The children then got into action and pretended to put out a fire and rescue a cat from the tree, remembering what they had learnt from the talk.

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