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Hello to our new home learning using the school website and videos

1 May 2020
Hello to our new home learning using the school website and videos

This week has seen the start of our new home learning using the school website and videos from teachers within The White Horse Federation. We hope you have enjoyed it and I’m positive the teaching videos definitely helped you to complete your independent activities. From the work posted on Purple Mash I think you have all enjoyed the book ‘Dear Greenpeace’ I know as teachers it’s one of our favourite books. It was lovely to see your postcards and diary entries.

In Maths this week the concept of key learning has been place value. You were very creative in the resources you used to make 2-digit numbers. This week in phonics you have been focusing on the phonemes ay, ie and ou and writing the corresponding graphemes for these phonemes. I know lots of you enjoyed your phonics bingo and sentence writing with Mrs Rudman as some of you uploaded pictures of your bingo and the sentences you wrote.

Your learning project for the next two weeks is the environment and some of the activities this week involved making a poster about the importance of keeping the seas clean and I know you already know lots about this as we discussed the topic of pollution in the seas when we read the lovely book ‘Manfish’. Another activity was to draw your favourite landscape and I know lots of you drew the beach which is one of our favourite landscapes. It was also suggested that you could use Purple Mash to explore recycling which again should have been revision for you all as we looked at the importance of recycling and wrote persuasive letters to promote recycling and looking after the environment.

We must not forget our daily Lego challenges which have seen you being asked to build a TARDIS for Dr Who, something that flies, your dream house and a castle. We love seeing your creations and are always amazed at how talented you are. You’re that good at building with Lego that I think you could work for them.

I know lots of you have had a go at the non-screen activities which has seen you making up your own exercise routines – I think we have some of our own Joe Wicks’ in Grange Infants School. You were given the opportunity to design and draw a new musical instrument and create your own animal by combining two of your own favourites and naming it.

We are extremely proud of the home learning that is taking place and we love seeing your work. Please keep uploading your work to Purple Mash.

Thank you both children and parents for all your incredible efforts.

Have a lovely weekend and hopefully the sun will shine.

Mrs Field, Mrs Argrave and Mrs Rudman

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