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In Year 2 the children held the chicks and were amazed by their softness.

4 May 2021
In Year 2 the children held the chicks and were amazed by their softness.

Term 5 week 2 – Year 2

In our second week of term the children have had (or will have) the experience to meet Mrs Rushen—Gough's chicks! And had many, many questions to ask about the chicks. Lots of the children held the chicks and were amazed by their softness.

This week we have continued to look at our book ‘One Plastic Bag’ by Miranda Paul and focused on plastic and its effects on the earth. The children built on their skills throughout the week and used them to write a setting description. All children had lots of great opinions on plastic, including how and why we should recycle, reduce and reuse.

In Maths this week we moved our learning onto time, focusing firstly on o’clock and half past ensuring the children were confident before we moved onto quarter too. We have continued to consolidated adding two 2-digit numbers and subtracting two 2-digit numbers involving regrouping.

In Science we have continued our learning about plants, focusing on what they need to grow. The children are carrying out an experiment to find out what a plant needs to grow using cress seeds. Each group of children have taken away one thing that a plant needs to grow: water, warmth, sunlight, nutrients and space. The children had lots of fun planting the new seeds and finding space for them to grow ensuring they follow the experiment. They have continued to look after the seeds they planted last week and we are starting to see some shoots growing which we are all excited for!

In DT this week the children have made the woven mats out of plastic bags that they designed and researched last week. Then they evaluated it and thought about what went well and how they could improve it. I’m sure they will be very excited to bring their mats home to show you soon.

In Computing the children looked at the different parts of a computer and what they do. The children brought so many ideas to this lesson and enjoyed learning about all the parts that makes up a computer.

Year 2 Team.

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