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In Year 2 we learnt about the Maasai culture and made Maasai style necklaces

24 November 2020
In Year 2 we learnt about the Maasai culture and made Maasai style necklaces

This week in English we drew a story map to retell our story ‘Lila and the Secret of Rain.’ The children used their story maps to write a retell of the story. The children used a variety of sentence openers, noun phrases, expanded noun phrases and language from the story. In whole class reading this week we have been looking at instructions. We learnt about the use of imperative verbs (bossy verbs) in instructions. We followed a set of instructions to make a paper plane. Next week we will be writing a set of instructions.

In Science last week we carried out an experiment to observe how changing the elements affects the growth of cress. This week we have observed the cress seeds to see any changes. We have found that the cress seeds with no air have grown. The cress with no food hasn’t grown at all. The cress with water, sunlight, food and air has grown. The cress with no shelter hasn’t grown and the cress with no sunlight has grown.

In Geography we have learnt about the human and physical features of Kenya and what life is like in Kenya for a child compared to a child’s life in the UK. We learnt about the Maasai culture and made Maasai style necklaces.

In Maths we have started subtraction. We have looked at why subtraction is not commutative and recalled subtraction facts of two single digits within 10.

We have been working really hard in Phonics as just before Christmas we will be doing the phonics screening that the children should of done in Y1 in June. We have sent home some real and alien words for you to work through at home. The children need to use their sounds and sound out the words and blend them to read. Any sounds they don’t know please revise.

Thank you for all your support.

Year 2 Team.

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