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This week’s learning project has been based on celebrations

21 May 2020
This week’s learning project has been based on celebrations

We have had another fabulous week of home learning in Year 2. We love seeing the photos of your work and the other brilliant activities you have been up to with your family. Please keep uploading your photos to the blog or in your work folder on Purple Mash.

This week our English reading and writing activities were based on the ‘Poppies Animation’ created by CBBC. The key learning point in the writing this week was using question marks. We wrote a setting description, planned and wrote a story and a poem.

The reading tasks helped us to think about what was happening in the ‘Poppies Animation’ created by CBBC to ensure we understood the story. In one of the reading tasks we used our inference skills to infer how the rabbit was feeling at different parts of the animation. We used clues from the animation to infer how the rabbit was feeling at different times. We imagined we were the rabbit and recorded in the thought bubbles how we thought the rabbit was feeling. In the second reading task we had to retell the story and summarise the main events. We used a story hand with five different sentence starters to help us retell the ‘Poppy Animation’ by CBBC. The final reading task saw us asking questions about the events in the animation. This linked nicely with our writing where we have been using question marks. We used question words like why, how, what, when and who to start our questions and ended them with a question mark: ‘?’

In Maths we have continued our work on fractions and looked at finding fractions of amounts using the bar model and objects to help us. We found ¼. 1/3, ¾ and 2/3 of amounts. We had fun applying our fraction knowledge to make pizzas. There are some new Maths 2Dos on Purple Mash if you haven’t already checked them out then please do. There is a fraction pizza making activity and games to help you with your times tables, division facts and number bonds to 20.

This week’s learning project has been based on celebrations. We looked at paintings by the artist David Bent and painted a picture of the lifecycle of the butterfly.

Once again, thank you children and parents for all your tremendous efforts with the home learning. You are all doing an amazing job. Remember, it’s also important that you spend quality time with your children relaxing and having fun. We wish you all a lovely half term.

Best wishes

Mrs Field, Mrs Rudman and Mrs Argrave

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