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Year 1 celebrated Number Day!

9 March 2022
Year 1 celebrated Number Day!

On Friday 4th February, we celebrated Number Day. We based our learning around the story The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins. The costumes were fantastic and really added to our celebration of all things number! If you would like to share this story at home, you can find videos of it being read on YouTube.

In Reception, we spent the day exploring the concept of the numbers in the story and those that we have learnt already. We practiced our counting and number recognition for numbers to 10, using a variety of resources in the classroom.

First, Year 1 did a bit of drama to help us better understand the maths in the story. We invited more and more children up to the front of the classroom until we had shared out all our biscuits. We discovered that each time more children arrived, we got less biscuits each! Later on, we played a game to practice our subitising, addition and subtractions facts and number bonds, using cookies to help us.

In Year 2, we used our recent learning about division to help us understand what was happening in the story and spent some time sharing the cookies out according to how many people where present. We explored different number sentences and what would happen if there were different numbers of cookies and people.

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