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Year 1 Class Update Term 4 Week 1

4 March 2020
Year 1 Class Update Term 4 Week 1

This week, the whole school has been doing science.

Year 1 have realised that we are all scientists!

The first thing we did was to go to an assembly where we made elephant toothpaste. It was pink and very thick. Then we got some cabbage water, which was purple, and we added some vinegar and it turned pink! We also tried adding some lemon juice to the cabbage water and the lemon turned the cabbage water pink too! You can try this at home!

We also investigated some liquids. We put water, oil and food colouring in a bottle. The oil sank to the bottom and the water sat on top! Then we put some tablets that made bubbles in. They dropped to the bottom. Tell your parents what happened next!

We thought about penguins in the Antarctic. We found out that the ice is melting in some places. We tried to stop ice cubes from melting in the classroom. In Woodpecker’s Class we found out that one of the best ways to stop our ice from melting was to wrap it in a piece of wool scarf or wrap it in a piece of very holey material! The ice that was in water melted the quickest.

We know we can’t cover the Antarctic in fabric so we tried to think of other ways we can look after our planet and stop the ice from melting. We thought that we could recycle more and we are going to compost our fruit remains.

We cannot wait to start our special week next week ... Book Week!

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