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Year 1 have been thinking about 'what makes us happy?'

19 March 2021
Year 1 have been thinking about 'what makes us happy?'

Welcome back Year One!

We have been so pleased to see everyone back in school and we, the teachers, are so happy to be back with you all and our fantastic teaching assistants! There has been a lot of change this week but you have all shown great resilience and we feel very proud of you all.

This week, we have been thinking about what makes us happy! We read the story The Jar of Happiness and we thought carefully about what we would put in our own jars of happiness. The children decorated pictures of jars with chalks, crayons, pastels, water colour paints and collaging. It was brilliant to see a huge variety of designs! The children also wrote instructions for how to fill their own jars of happiness. They included time connectives and imperative verbs, just like we practised last term! Finally, everyone had the chance to decorate their own jar and fill it with very precious things that make them happy. We hope you enjoy sharing your jars and their contents with your families!

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