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Year 2 enjoyed number day by dressing up as different numbers!

10 May 2021
Year 2 enjoyed number day by dressing up as different numbers!

Term 5 week 3 – Year 2

This week we enjoyed number day by dressing up as different numbers and reading different books that included maths. We had great fun completing different mathematic tasks throughout the day.

In English this week we have finished looking at our book ‘One Plastic Bag’ by Miranda Paul by writing a letter to Swindon MP’s about the issue of plastic pollution and some solutions we had all thought of! The children came up with some great solutions to the issue of plastic pollution. Next week we will be moving on to the book ‘Someone swallowed Stanley’ by Sarah Roberts, keeping with the theme of plastic pollution.

Other than number day, we did a lot more learning of time this week. Focusing on quarter past and quarter to. The children worked really hard to remember the difference and we are all almost there! Towards the end of the week we started looking at telling the time to 5 minutes, which some children picked up quickly! All the classes realised they needed to practise their five times tables a bit more so they could be fast at telling the time. Next week we will be continuing to look at time to 5 minutes.

This week in Geography we have been looking at compasses, knowing North, South, East and West. The children had great fun giving each other instructions to move around the classrooms, playgrounds and the field. They used an aerial map to find ways around the school using compass directions too.

In PE this week they continued developing their ball skills and were focusing on dribbling the ball through and around cones. Also, Mr Bridgeman is back working each class once a week during lunch time, playing some fun games with them and teaching them some new skills. The children have really enjoyed having him back!

For science this week we looked at our plants so far, we have peas or lavender and cress! Some children have been more successful at growing their peas, but the lavender is growing very slowly! The cress experiment went really well and the childr3en were excited to see the difference in the growth of the groups.

This week for computing the children focused on networks and what technology makes a network. We spoke lots about the different networks that they might have at home and they one we use in school including how useful it is that the computers etc. work and communicate together.

Year 2 team.

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