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Year 2 looked at being able to search for information online in a safe way

14 June 2021
Year 2 looked at being able to search for information online in a safe way

Blog term 6 week 1

In our first week back, we have really enjoyed seeing our friends again and being in school.

This week in English, we have started looking at our book ‘Manfish: A story of Jacques Cousteau’ by Jennifer Berne. With this book we continue our topic of under the sea and building on the children’s knowledge from last term. We have looked at noun phrases and using these to write a setting description. Also, we have been working on our reading comprehension, reading different texts about under the sea and being able to answer questions about the text.

For Maths this week, we have started to look at the topic of statistics, looking at tally charts and pictograms. Answering questions about these and creating our own. Next week, we will be continuing this topic but looking at different charts and tables.

In Science, we looked at food chains. Learning about producers, prey and predators and how the food chains work. We enjoyed thinking about all the different animals in the world and what they do and eat. Next week, we will be looking at classification for animals.

This week in PE we started athletics, all the children had great fun trying out different stations of activities from hurdles to long jump! And enjoyed our time with Mr Bridgeman doing different races and competing against other children.

On Wednesday afternoon we were able to do some art, the children draw different pictures of animals under the sea. They all had lots of ideas of creatures they could draw and had a great time adding lots of detail into their drawings.

In computing this week, we looked at being able to search for information online in a safe way, the children enjoyed using child safe search engines and finding out lots of random information.

We hope you all had a lovely weekend,

Year two team.

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