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Year 2 Outraged!

20 January 2020
Year 2 Outraged!

This week has been another busy week in Year 2.

The children were hooked into their persuasive writing with a letter from Mrs Rushen-Gough telling them that she would be removing all the bins from the playground. The children were outraged and came up with persuasive responses to persuade her to keep the bins in the playground. The children included persuasive phrases and words.

In Maths we have been working on multiplication and division. In multiplication the children used arrays to solve problems and created multiplication statements to describe and solve grouping problems. They were also able to show and use the commutativity of multiplication. In division the children have created division statements to describe and solve grouping and sharing problems. They also discovered that division is not commutative.

In PSHE the children were set fun goals, for example, to learn to catch a ball 10 times without dropping it and to juggle three bean bags. The children wrote steps to success to help them to achieve these goals. They then had a go at using their steps to achieve the goals.

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