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Year 2 started a new term with lots of excitement!

29 April 2021
Year 2 started a new term with lots of excitement!

This week saw us start a new term with lots of excitement. All the children were pleased to be back at school after the Easter break.

On Monday morning the children returned to their classrooms from playtime and found the class full of plastic bottles. There was great excitement as the children thought of questions to find out more about where the plastic bottles had come from. This hooked the children into our new book ‘One Plastic Bag’ by Miranda Paul. The children will be doing lots of work in English and the Foundation subjects based on this book. We will also be thinking about the importance of recycling plastic and the harmful effects of plastic in the ocean and environment.

In Maths this week we consolidated knowing that division is not commutative and that division is the inverse of multiplication. We also consolidated adding two 2-digit numbers and subtracting two 2-digit numbers involving regrouping.

In Science we were learning that plants grow from seeds and bulbs. The children were given two different types of seeds which they looked at and thought about the similarities and differences. The children then predicted what they thought the seeds would grow into. We also thought about what the seeds will need to grow and the children suggested: water, warmth, sunlight and food. The children had lots of fun planting their seeds and will observe them to see what happens.

In DT the children designed a woven mat from plastic bags. They discussed and planned how to make their mats. In the third lesson they followed their design to make their mat. Once they completed their mat they evaluated it and thought about what went well and how they could improve it. I’m sure they will be very excited to bring their mats home to show you.

Year 2 Team.

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