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Raising Fund for the Lilly Foundation

17 December 2021
Raising Fund for the Lilly Foundation

At Grange Infants school, we were delighted to hold a school fundraiser in the form of ‘The Grange Infants Bake off!’ competition and cake sale on the 19th November 2021.

The school fund raiser was initiated to raise money for the Lilly foundation which is a charity that supports Mitochondrial Disease. As a school we wanted to raise awareness of this terrible disease due to one of our own children suffering from it.

William was first diagnosed with Mitochondrial disease during the first lockdown but despite this, he faces each and every day as a new challenge. William is an absolute delight to have as a member of our school. He is so loving and caring despite the challenges he faces. He loves spending time in the classroom with his peers, his teacher and TA’s and faces all his learning with a clear and fierce determination to achieve his very best. He loves using our specialist sensory room as well. Spending time with other children in there really helps him to socialise with others and helps him to relax after a full morning of focused learning in reading, math, and phonics in the classroom. His class teachers and TA’s love to have William in the classroom taking part in lessons and small group work.

Mrs Rushen-Gough explained, “We are so happy to see him back in the classroom and being able to take part in the lessons with the class again. He is just a real joy to teach. He is so loving and caring towards everyone. Mitochondrial disease is such a rare condition, and it is just so terrible and heartbreaking to see such a young boy like William being affected by it that we really wanted to raise awareness of it. Whatever we can do to support the family and awareness of this terrible condition will perhaps go some small way in helping raise awareness of others within our community.”

The support of the school community in the ‘Bake Off!’ has been phenomenal. The sheer amount of cakes baked or brought in almost covered the hall stage; it was truly remarkable. Mrs Rushen-Gough further commented, ‘It just goes to show how fabulous our school community is with by showing such support for the school and the family. Parents and carers have been fabulous by bringing in their own creations and even the staff joined in with their own special bakes as well.”

The school wanted to do something different to show their support for William and his family; something that he could join in with and something that all our families could take part in. The ‘Grange Infants Bake Off!’ was decided upon as a way for everybody, no matter their abilities, could take part in; something really inclusive for all our families.

The event was a real success. Staff were overwhelmed with he amount of cakes supplied and families who turned up to buy and support the foundation. Our final total was £653.20 and all money raised was donated to the Lilly Foundation that supports Mitochondrial disease.

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