It was another busy week in Year 1.

In Maths, we have been learning about 3D shapes. So far, we have learnt how to know a 3D shape from a 2D shape. Also, we've learnt that cuboids have 6 rectangle faces. Can you please look out for 3D shapes at home and about town?

In Science, the children have been testing different objects to see if they would sink or float. First, we predicted what we thought would happen to each object and then we worked in groups to see how accurate our predictions were.

As part of Literacy, we had a class party on Wednesday. This was in preparation for writing a diary entry, talking about the party and telling our diaries what happened at the party. We will also use this experience to write a thank you letter next week.

The new sounds we've been learning in Phonics are:
ou (about)
ay (play)
oy (boy)
ie (tried)
ue (blue/ rescue)
o (post)
Please look out for these sounds in the books you read at home.

Thank you for your continued support.
The Year 1 team.