To enable our children to develop their skills in Maths, we follow a mastery approach to maths which is mapped out from EYFS through Y2. The mapping of the learning ensures the teaching and learning in progressive skills, knowledge, and understanding in year group and across the school. We have daily teacher led maths lessons with a 3-stage process, the practice 'Explore it', the apply it 'Embed it, and challenge 'Extend it'. This enables all children to practice and rehearse the learning allowing ALL children the opportunity to learn more and remember more.

In addition to the daily math teaching, we have daily fluency sessions to rehearse and practice key skills and/or prior learning that has been recognized as an area of need for all children.

Where appropriate we also use 'catch up' or pre-teach sessions in addition to the Maths lessons to ensure all children have further opportunities to meet the 'Whole class' outcomes.

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EYFS Maths Presentation

EYFS Presentation

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