Year 1 had a fantastic start to Term 3. We started our new topic with our hook day. To begin the day, we were lucky to experience a workshop all about the Great Fire of London. The children learnt about the main people involved, including Thomas Farriner, King Charles II and Samuel Pepys. In groups, the children performed freeze frames and little drama sketches to show the main happening of this historical event.

To follow this, we learnt about the houses of the time. We found out the house were built out of wood and thatch and were built very close together. We had fun making our own Great Fire of London houses. After this, we had the Great Fire of Grange.

This week in phonics, we are learning split digraphs: a-e (cake), i-e (time), e-e (these), o-e (bone), u-e (cube). Please look out for these when you are reading.