It’s been all about spirals in art for Year 1 in term 1. We focused on using drawing, collage and mark-making to explore spirals. We explored the use of our whole bodies when we draw and that when we draw we can control the lines that we make by being aware of how we hold a drawing tool, how much pressure we apply and how fast or slow we move. We used our observational skills to draw spirals from shells and used a range of different patterns to create our own spirals using inspiration from a range of different artists. 

At first the children explored mark making and experimented with how they could use line, different amount of pressure and colour to create initial spirals. We then explored the work of an artist called Molly Haslund and recreated our own spirals in her style on the playground. 

We then focused on patterns and how we could use a different amount of pressure to create different lines and styles and used this to create our own snail spirals.

To end we used our observational skills to draw the intricate spirals from shells in our sketchbooks using pencil and charcoal.