Today the whole school took part in a health and fitness session with the lovely Carl from Kids Fit. During the session the children took part in a range of activities lead by Carl to highlight the importance of keeping our bodies fit and healthy. These sessions are designed to bring both the PE and PSHE curriculums together through age-appropriate activities, visual aids and video content. But mostly, the children are taught in a fun, interactive and hands on way.

The Health and Fitness work shops taught the children:

  • The importance of daily exercise and about the risks associated with leading an inactive lifestyle. 
  • The importance of a balanced healthy diet and understanding the nutritional content of different food groups.
  • The effects of a poor diet, such as excess sugar/salt and fat, which could possibly leading to tooth decay and obesity.
  • Daily health tips such as adequate sleep, personal/ oral hygiene, eating fruit and veg, hydration and limiting electronic devices and usage.

The children had such a fabulous day learning all about how to keep their bodies healthy. If they want to learn more and continue to find ways on being creative on how to be healthy, they can visit: Kidz Zone - Kidz Fit (